1. don't tell me nothing bad about these kids. I just...this was so precious 2. I have always felt the same about the early morning hour(s) I have received the worst news and felt my worst feels early and still...before the sun is up is my time. Before the sun rises allows my breathing to slow, my muscles to loosen, and I take in the contents of the world in ways that are meaningful for me.

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Thank you for this. I love the embrace of life's mystery and tension. And as someone with LOTS of friends with kids, I love the glimpse into the beauty, sadness, and joy of watching your child grow up. It makes me want to purposefully ask my friends about those things as time goes by.

Also - I remember when I could sleep anywhere (like a yoga mat on the floor), but now I see that photo and my back says, "what are you even thinking?! OwwwwWWWWW!" :-)

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